The Other Woman

From director Nick Cassavetes comes The Other Woman a 2014 American romantic comedy film by Melissa Stack. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney and Don Johnson. The movie is about 3 women who a man has been cheating on joining forces to teach him a lesson and get revenge upon.

Carly a successful lawyer in a big NYC firm has been going out with Mark for 8 weeks and things are seemingly going well. However on the day that he is supposed to be spending having dinner with her & her dad, Mark has to cancel saying that his housekeeper just called him saying that there is a burst pipe and that his basement is flooded. Upset with the last minute cancellation Carly grumbles to her father Frank, who advices her to go surprise him. Dressed in a tight plumber’s outfit she goes to his home (apparently for the first time) in Connecticut she is surprised to meet his wife Kate! Even though Carly doesn’t say much Kate realizes that Mark is cheating on her and finds out where Carly works and goes to her office and get the truth. Although they have troubles, with Kate having a funny version of a breakdown, the two eventually bond and spend a day together.

They also find out that he is also having an affair with the younger & much hotter Amber and run into her at a beach. Now the three of them bond after talking for a while at Kate’s brother Phil’s house at the beach and plot to get their revenge on Mark by doing things such as spiking his smoothies with estrogen and giving him breasts, as well as putting hair removal cream in his shampoo. By investigating his schedule and work Carly finds out that Mark has been embezzling lot of money from various clients and using Kate’s name as the CEO of a fake company to deposit the money in. However things get sidetracked when Kate finds herself falling for him again at an investor’s meeting but sees him talking on the phone with another woman and changes her mind. They track him to a trip to the Bahamas where they see him with another woman! Kate as the owner of the companies Mark defrauded, which would mean that she’d go to prison if the fraud is discovered. This, and the possibility of facing prison in Mark’s place, urges Kate to take actions with help from Carly’s legal expertise. After they get back the 3 women contact Mark’s senior parter and has all the money returned back.

Mark is confronted by the 3 of them in Carl’s office and given divorce papers and is also confronted by his partner. He can avoid jail time since the money has been returned but he is now bankrupt and out of a job! Kate who had contributed to some good ideas for the company is offered a job by Mark’s former partner while Mark gets a punch in the face by Carly’s dad. As the movie ends we find out that later on Kate becomes successful earning a lot of profit for the company and investors while Carly married Phil and is expecting while Amber goes out with Carly’s dad.

On a budget of 40 million the movie made $194 million and is considered a success financially although it got a lot of negative reviews. I found it ok and funny in a lot of places, especially Leslie Mann who is hilarious when she undergoes her breakdown and in the first half of the film. And ofcourse any excuse to see Kate Upton running on the beach in a bikini – yowza! Some of the jokes are funny and its an ok film. 7 outta 10!

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