The Outstretched Hand

Should you help homeless people? Why or why not?

I know all the arguments against giving money to the beggars and homeless people here.

  • They are playing on your sentiments
  • They are part of a network of beggars and homeless people and the money that they collect goes to a group leader / boss
  • The women beg and collect money and their worthless husbands beat it outta them and then go and drink it at a toddy shop/bar. And then they come back home drunk as a skunk and beat their wives some more!
  • Giving money to the women and or men will only encourage them to not get a job and better their lives but continue on living on the kindness of people.
  • Do not give money to beggars who are children – their parents, especially their no good fathers are using them to make money and the cash that they get from begging goes to fuel the dad’s drinking habits.
  • Women beggars usually have 2 to 3 “husbands” and they make babies only to prey on your kindness and to make even more pitiful images of themselves thus making you shell out more money that you want to
  • It’s a business and they are tricking you by playing on your emotions

etc etc…. but if you have seen the look on their faces it is hard to ignore. Especially when you are walking into or out of a fast food joint / restaurant / cafe and they point to their belly and then their mouth and show their palm in a begging motion, meaning that they haven’t had food for a while. Add a small kid to the mix and I can’t help it. Lately I’ve been giving more money than usual because I’ve been struggling financially myself and yet I have plenty to eat so I feel bad for them. I cannot say no to them.

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