The Pain In The Ass Is Leaving

First working day of the year for me (since I had taken a leave on the 1st) and I’ve already heard some really good news. In a few days I can sing “it’s been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town”! The bitch really is leaving. The pain in the ass for the rest of the team is quitting as she has some “medical reasons”. She and her husband wants to have more kids and, get this, twins in particular. Why twins you ask? Cause apparently, they are quite common in her husband’s family and her dad’s family!

Whatever! I wanted to get rid of her so badly. I was going to get her transferred to another department and get a replacement from the same group for my team. I was told to hold that move till the 15th or so of this month. I was not happy about it but I held back. And then this! She has caused so much issue among the rest of the team. It started a long time back, much before I took over as the team lead. And now we won’t have to suffer her stupid theatrics or her face anymore.

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“Been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone”!

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