The Party Review

Well it’s the morning after the party. I had some work that came my way, so I came home for a shower first, completed that work from here and then went to the party at around 8 pm. Everyone except for a few friends of my dad has already reached. As soon as I entered I was asked by my cousins about what drink I wanted – they had already started!

There was rum, whiskey, brandy, beer & Bacardi white rum – that’s what I had. I saw sausages, chilly beef, beef fry, salad, masala peanuts, french frys & chocolate cake. I stood at the counter with my cousins, an uncle and my sister’s father-in-law while trying to balance my glass and several handshakes. One of my uncles’ pissed me off and on the strength of my drinks I almost said something back – but then I looked at the pathetic joke that he is and I thoug, well, he’s not worth it! Maybe next time!

thx 1138 dvd I joked with my cousins, caught up with Rakesh and Raakhee, spoke in depth with my eldest cousin’s, Satish, wife on marriage and family life (she wanted me to settle down quickly) and spoke to another uncle for a while. Pretty soon I felt bored, I looked around and saw that my dad was having fun and that’s what matters. I ate a little and then decided that I was too tired to hang around so I said goodbye to my dad and I left for home. By 10 pm I was in bed and watched a few episodes of Friends season 8, before sleep caught up with me.

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