The Perfect Age to Retire

The perfect age to retire is….why, I am stumped! How do you know the age that someone is to retire? At one time it used to be that most government jobs had a mandatory retirement age of 57, which was raised to 60 and if I am not mistaken they are mulling over increasing it to 62. And in other jobs it’s between 62 and 67, depending on the nature of the job and which sector it is in. I have always believed that the age should vary depending on the individual and what kind of job he/she is into and a good check by doctors to advice the employers to give a thumbs up for the person to continue beyond a certain age.

I dunno about what I want to do. I am soon to turn 35. I wish I could retire right now and enjoy life for the rest of my life. But some little thing called money comes in the way. I do not have enough of it and I need a lot more. I want a whole lot more. I crave a huge big pile of it, enough for me to swim in for days. Have you seen Uncle Scrooge with his huge pile of money? I’ve seen cartoons of him jumping in and swimming in his huge stash of cash. In fact whenever someone tells me of a rich older person or huge piles of cash I always think of Uncle Scrooge!

So I have to plow on, work for atleast another 25 years or maybe 30 years. Get my PF and some sort of safety net at the end of that period. So I can comfortably live and not have to worry about money for the rest of my days. And wait for death to come and get me. Sigh! So retire when you want to and not when someone else tells you to. Save some cash so that you can do whatever you want after loan preapproval retirement and still be able to enjoy doing it.

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