The Perfect Future Family

Manifest your perfect future family in your journal. Firstly, write down how many of you there are in the family? Secondly, what activities do they love to do? Thirdly, how will you celebrate the month of love as a family? Forth, what will you teach your kids about love? Lastly, how will you show your future family love?

I’ve had this in my mind for a while now. My dream family is one of pets gone away and wife & kids I have never had or met. I have a good idea of what it would be like and it feels so good. Wife, is a loyal, lovely & beautiful blonde and we have 3 kids – a girl who is around 12 and fraternal twins a boy and a girl. aged 9. And yes we have the pets – the ones I have had in my life but alive now. Shawny, my Golden Retriver girl dog, Chocolate a male mostly ginger cat & his sister Lollipop a mostly white cat and Shawny Junior, who I mostly called Junior, a black Labrador & Dalmatian mix, and who actually belonged to my sister & brother-in-law but who I took care of for a year (puppy hood to over a year old).

I’d teach the kids, with the help of my wife ofcourse, that we take care of each other and that happiness is only real when everyone can enjoy it at the same time. That we listen, we adjust, we compromise and we love and make sure no one is hurt. We pick them up when they are down and we laugh together. We will do things together like go on rides, grocery shopping, movies, listen to music together, play games & sports together and dress up for ComiCon in Star Trek Starfleet uniforms. We do things as a family!

And yes, my over imaginative mind has set this family of mine in the far distant future in a science fiction dream – think Star Trek but even more advanced and with special force fields that protect us from any weapon or space anomaly that could otherwise cause us harm. Hence I am off on an adventure in a spaceship that kinda looks like a big home on the inside. Kinda like the Robinsons in Space! Roshansons in Space? Anyways we also have these android/robots to aid us and take care of the family and also help us fight off evil aliens. So yeah, first I go on with just Shawny, my older daughter and a couple of robots to setup the spaceship and stuff.

Pretty soon my wife brings the twins, the 2 cats and Junior and the 4 remaining robots and joins us in the spaceship’s bridge. With the robots help the spaceship is all ready for launch and we head out from the space station near earth and off to deep space. Making sure the dogs and cats are fed, we have our dinner time in the family room and then it’s off to bed with me and my wife making sure that the kids are all tucked in their individual bedrooms. Chocolate sleeps in the same room as my 12 year old daughter, right at the foot of her bed, Shawny Junior sleeps on the bed with my 9 year old daughter, while Lollipop sleeps in the bedroom of my son, tucked in blanket at the edge of his bed. And ofcourse, Shawny sleeps with me and my wife in our bedroom, snuggled up in the blankets at the end of our bed.

I wish this would come true!

Prompt from 28 Enchanting February Journal Prompts for 2022 from

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