The Perfect Weekend Getaway?

Describe your perfect weekend getaway

I dunno what would be perfect. I can even think of a perfect weekend at home just by myself sitting and drinking a lot of vodka or beer, eating my favourite food like pizza or burgers or some Chinese food from one of my favourite restaurants. I could listen to music, watch some of my fav movies and go to sleep when I want too.

I could take an Uber and go to places nearby that I can sit and relax in for hours at a time. Go for a shopping spree or go to a mall and catch a movie. I could go visit friends and enjoy some long chats over coffee or something stronger.

I wouldn’t mind getting away for a while. A hill station sounds lovely, even if it’s just for a day or two. Relax with a coffee near a fire and read a book on an easy chair and watch the river water flow on by. Catch the sun setting on a nice beautiful evening as I drink a beer or some vodka and enjoy a quiet evening spent indoors. These are all good but the only way this would be perfect would be is if I had the company of a woman who loves as much as I love her.


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