The Presidential Customer

While I was chatting with Saskboy this morning about names, I was telling him about the odd names that I have been noticing in recent years. I remembered something about a customer whose call I attended to when I worked as a customer service rep in Idea Mobile’s call center.

Well this one customer, from a village near the city of Kollam (Kerala) happened to call the customer care center via a franchise of Idea’s. So I first spoke to the franchise staff and then to the customer. I heard the staff member snickering a bit as he told me to enter the customer’s number in our software in order to check the account status. I would understand why the staff member was tickled once I saw the customer’s name.

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Ronald Regan!

I had to control my laughter while I spoke to the customer and clarified his doubts on his last two bills. Then he asked why the both of us found it hilarious – and I mentioned that he had a famous name. No response from him! The dude was oblivious to the fact that he was named after a famous & dead American President – Ronald Reagan.

When I asked him about his name, he said that his father had named him after reading about the ‘name’ somewhere! He just knew that it was someone famous! I was laughing my ass off but muting the phone at the same time. Apparently, this guy’s father was a semi-literate farmer and had liked the name so he had named his son after the former President in the early 80s. So this guy was walking around with a name like that in his village and no one had told him about the connection.

I sent the dude’s number to all my colleagues and my supervisor and we all had a wonderful laugh throughout the day.

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