The Right To Choose

I don’t understand why some people think someone else having the same rights as they do is considered to be a tragedy / against their freedom of religion / against democracy and what not! The recent US Supreme Court ruling granting all rights for the LGBT community in getting married has seen some of the stupidest comments on social media.

Why should someone’s right to get married be put to a vote? It is finally justice that they are allowed to get married in each and every state in the US but why should some people have a problem with that? If you are against homosexuals getting married then don’t have a gay wedding! Also, don’t attend a gay wedding and don’t speak to them if you don’t want to. I was appalled to see a post by an Aussie friend on Facebook where she says that gay marriages shouldn’t happen and if they do shouldn’t be called “marriage”! What?

Also she and several others feel that it should have been put to the vote, like in Ireland! Why? Why should other people have a say in gay people getting married? How would you like it if you could get married only if it was put to a vote? Nonsense. I’m for everyone getting the choice of marriage and the right to have it done. Homosexual, heterosexual – we are all human beings! I’m straight but i’m fine with you not being so. We can be friends and i’ll support your right to have love and choose a partner of your choice be it a male or a female. It doesn’t affect me or anyone else.

I don’t get why other people don’t see that.

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