The River : Ep3 “Los Ciegos”

If I were to rate the individual episodes of the tv series The River, all 3 of them so far, I’d give the 1st one an 8, the second one a 10 and this one a 7. Los Ciegos is a good episode but just cannot hold a candle to the previous one.

The continuing search for Emmet lead the group to a cave in the jungle. The cave was marked by “Los Murcegos,” the guardian tribe of the forest that Jahel keeps warning everyone about. Despite her warnings the group enters the cave, except for AJ who has an aversion of caves and will not budge. Inside the dark cave they come across a corpse of a man with no eyes and later bats. Lots & lots of bats that chase them away from the cave and out into the woods. They camp out for the evening but Emilio has become blind. They decide to go back to the boat to treat him. While in the boat Lincoln hears his mother & Clark talk – seems they have had a thing going on while Emmett & Tess were estranged. Slowly all the members start to become blind save for 3 – AJ, Lena & Kurt have to set back out to the forest to find the bulb of a plant that Jahel & Emilio believe to cure the temporary blindness that has affected the crew. To make matters worse, Kurt cuts Clark in the belly by accident while searching for possible native tribe who have approached the boat.

Lincoln must make an effort to stitch up a bleeding Clark by feel. Suddenly the Murcegos board the boat and the panicking  crew shut themselves in two rooms; Lincoln & Clark in one while Emilion, Jahel & Tess in another. Meanwhile both Lena & Kurt are blinded leaving AJ to fetch the bulb – inside a small cave under a huge tree. Of course the tunnel collapses on him, but he is saved at the last moment by the Murcego, who have a change of heart when Clark takes the blame for desecrating their land and offering himself to save the crew. The Murcego retreat back into the jungle and the crew is treated and slowly each recover their eyesight.

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