The River : Ep5 “Peaches”

In episode 5 (called Peaches which is Lena’s childhood nickname) we focus on what happened to Lena’s father cameraman Russ Landry who was with Emmett Cole’s crew. With all the talk about finding Emmett, Lena meekly reminds Tess that the aim to find “them” meaning the whole crew and not just “him” meaning Emmett. During a personal interview section, Clark asks her how come Lena plays the accordion! She replies that her dad had wanted a boy, and if not a boy, then a nerd girl who plays the accordion so nobody would ask her out. She is upset that there’s a lot of footage of Emmett but none of her dad’s. It is Jonas, now part of the crew, who shows her a single entry by Russ who stops to shoot a brief message to Lena.

Later in the night as visibility goes down due to fog another boat side swipes them and disappears much to the surprise of the crew. This also leaves them with repairs which cannot be completed without spare parts. The crew has no option but radio for help hoping that someone will hear them and offer help. A day later, and after Lincoln suggests that they travel through the jungle by foot, a boat approaches them. 4 people, claiming to be environmentalists on the Exodus stop by and offer them some spare parts – they just happen to have the exact ones needed. In exchange Tess offers to cook dinner for the 4 of them as a thank you and all is fun & drinking on the boat. Jonas joins Lena outside on the deck where they spot something moving on the Exodus. They decide to investigate and take the dingy and a small handheld. One abroad they hear a sound that leads them to a cargo hold and they find a chained… Russ Landry!

On board the Magus, Kurt overhears two of the environmentalists planning to do something with his crew and so he confronts their leader and shoots at him twice when the latter attacks him. Thinking him to be dead Kurt approaches the body when the latter grabs him. Kurt is taken over to the Exodus and dumped into the hold along with Lena, Jonas & Russ. Soon the female environmentalist tricks Tess into joining her on their boat to study a map and once abroad the 4 environmentalists reveal their ghostly selves! Turns out that the Exodus crew are ghosts trapped on the ship, due to some curse, until they can find living souls to take their place and they only need one more and a sunrise to be free from their curse. The Exodus takes off leaving the Magus behind. Once again it is Jahel who hears the a message/signal fro Lena and alerts Lincoln to Exodus’s location. AJ & Clark join Lincoln in a dingy to find their crew members and they board the Exodus.

Kurt busts the rest of them from the hold and just as Lincoln & co arrive, they join them on the deck of the Exodus. The ghostly environmentalists attack them but are chased away by fire (strange)! The 4 ghosts are secured into the cabin and Lincoln sets the boat on fire and the rest of the escape in the dingy – but Russ won’t join them! In another twist, he is a ghost as well and stays behind despite Lena’s cries and joins the other 4 in being destroyed. The crew fix their ship and get back on course.

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