The Russians (Movies) Are Coming

Do you like foreign films? Do you like Russian culture? Do you like watching movies with subtitles? Then this is for you!

The Cochin Film Society, in association with Russian Cultural Center, I&PRD, Govt. of Kerala & Corporation of Cochin, is organizing a Russian Film Festival in Kochi, from 22nd June to 26 June 2009. Venue: @ the E.M.S Memorial Town Hall, Ernakulam.

22 June @ 05:30 P.M – PAPA – Director: Vladimir Mashkov – 2004

23 June @ 06:00 P.M – 9 ROTA/THE 9TH COMPANY – Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk – 2005

24 June @ 06:00 P.M – AGONIYA/AGONY – Director: Elem Klimov – 1981

25 June @ 06:00 P.M – PEREGON/TRANSIT – Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin – 2006

26 June @ 06:00 P.M – ISCHEZNUVSHAYA IMPERIYA/THE VANISHED EMPIRE – Director: Karen Shakhnazarov- 2008

download unstable fables tortoise vs hare I might take a look if I can get the time even if the only words (that aren’t names) in Russian that I know are Commrade, Peristroika & Vodka!

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