The Scariest School Uniform Ever

When my family & I moved from Kuwait back home to India, way back in 1987, they looked for a suitable school in our homecity of Cochin. My parents wanted a good school and hopefully they wanted one near our little suburb of Thrikkakara. Not being very familiar with the schools in Kerala, my dad looked around in the city for a school.

One evening at home, my cousin Arun (who was three years older than me) spoke out loud that his school was quite near my house and why not admit me there? I’m still wanting to kill him for it! But anyway, my decided to look into it and yes they did have an option for Special English, which was a separate class for kids who couldn’t read or write Malayalam (the local language), yours truly being one among them. And so I joined Hill Valley High School at the age of 11 years in the 6th grade.

When I saw the school uniform I almost blacked out! It was bottle green pants, with cream colour shirts on which they had bottle green spots (like the shirt had a green variant of the measles). We had bottle green ties on which in bright yellow, the school crest was sewn! I still have nightmares of this uniform.

The joke among the students was that, when we go on school trips to other cities, no one gets lost – there’s no chance in hell of anyone misplacing us with that gaudy uniform!

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