The Starting & The Changing Of My Blog(s)

Why did you start your writing? Is that still why you write, or has your writing gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

Honestly when I first started blogging back in 2002, after reading a few blogs that caught my interest, it was mainly to capture my new life in Calicut, the city to which I had moved to from my hometown of Cochin. Having joined a company there I was living on my own in a small room in a lodge (I had colleagues in similar rooms nearby) and I wanted to capture the things that happened and events that pass along the time that I would spend there. So I created an account in The stay in Calicut was short lived – just 8 months – and I came back to live in Cochin at the end of it.

From then on (somewhere in 2003) the blog became a weekly or atleast 5-6 times in a month hello, this is what I have I have been upto, I bought this cd, I watched this movie kinda thing. That is the way it would stay for a while until somewhere in 2004 I started blogging a lot more of my thoughts, along with the events and ideas and some movie/tv reviews. I also started posting heavily on football & hockey and it became a catalog for sports players. I got disinterested in the blog even though I was posting very regularly and in September of 2005 I started afresh with a new blog in which became a lot more regular and a lot like this current blog. When I finally bought a home pc and took up an internet connection, a year after I started the second blog, I started doing daily posts and multiple posts in a day. Pretty soon I wanted my own webaddress and storage space and bought this one that you see here.

I don’t know how much longer I will continue to maintain this blog and this format. I’ve been at this website for over 6 and a half years and blogging for almost 11 years. I think I will always have a blog in some format or the other since I don’t always like the Facebook format. Facebook is fun but I want to continue a blog for as long as I can.

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