The Team Is About To Crumble

Feeling unwanted, not getting the pay that they deserve, my team is about to crumble. Two of my boys are resigning and will leave the office by the 10th of August. They have been offered a higher salary in a BPO in Chennai. One of the guys is the fellow who has been the scapegoat for an HR stupidity and he paid the price for it. He hasn’t been given a grade hike or pay hike since his promotion from call center executive to a trainer – that promotion was 1.7 years ago.

The strong team that I have is going to be split. I’ll have to rebuild in a very short time as that is the need of the hour. I’m happy for the guys as they are getting a much better package but a little worried since it is in a huge metro like Chennai. They just have to be careful. I’m also worried about my team rebuilding – one more guy and a girl has been offered a job in the same Chennai company and I need to retain them both.

Starting on Wednesday we will be doing an IJP (Internal Job Posting) from the tenured call center agent crowd. I hope to snag 2 or 3 good candidates for the training team. I can hope and wait and watch.

2 thoughts on “The Team Is About To Crumble”

  1. I don’t know what to say. That sucks and at the same time Change is inevitable and you have to adapt to it. Team Building is also a good mark on a resumé to have.

  2. I’m trying to look at the positives of this outcome. Yes my guys will get a better salary for their experience. I get to add young & impressionable minds to my team and I hope to mold them and have them do well. I knew that the team couldn’t always be together but I just didn’t expect that many would be going at the same time.

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