The Terror Of The Taj Ends

surfer dude online download Those of us lucky one sat at home drinking coffee and eating our breakfasts while the NSG soldiers cleared the Taj Hotel of the 3 terrorists that remained and created all the horror in that establishment. We watched as a dead body was dropped from a window by one of the islamic militants as the soldiers tried to see through the smoke screen that was created as a deliberate ploy. By 9:25 am Indian commandos state that the Taj Hotel is now under control. However they were still conducting room to room searches. People celebrate on the streets.

The question has been raised : Will India go to war against Pakistan over this?

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3 thoughts on “The Terror Of The Taj Ends”

  1. Hey Techno. I’m nowhere near the Taj or Mumbai. My city is way down towards the South of India, a good 2 day journey by train. If Kochi city was near Pakistan then the good citizens of this town too would be a target for these militants.

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