The Thrikkakara Monologues

While I was living in Thrikkakara I hated it for a long time. It was so far away from the places that I wanted to be near to. It was away from the city. So few buses plying through the route. You had to wait for one for ages and it was usually very crowded. Hardly any shops or stores near by. It could be so dull living there. No movie theaters near by, except for one with a questionable reputation and patronage. No bars close by, except one that I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to. No other places of interest within the town (if you can call it a town) borders. Nothing to do there!

And yet I do miss the place. I lived there in that house for 19 years, damn it! 19 years is a huge chunk of my Earthly existence. I miss the peaceful quiteness of the place, all the trees and greenery and the open spaces. Ofcourse I hated it that there was a big temple a stone’s throw away! I should know; I threw many stones at the temple (snicker, lol)! But I miss my old home, my house. I miss the clean(er) area. I do miss the fact that it was much cooler there. I think all those trees had something to do with it. Sigh! You can’t have it all, can you?

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