The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D From Eaglemoss

I recently bought my first Star Trek starship model – it’s the The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D From Eaglemoss.


I’ve wanted to have my own collection of Star Trek Starfleet starships for a long, long time. I’d thought that it would be very difficult and almost impossible for me to get my own collection going – I live in India and I am not rich or anything and these models, by different brands, are not sold in India and to purchase them from abroad might cost me an arm and a leg.


EBay & Amazon are the great rescuers and even if their Indian branches didn’t have these options, I could use the American ones. In 2011 I tried and could only manage to find one ship from AMT, which I bought via eBay India’s “Options from abroad” section. I didn’t like the model that much plus I do not like decals at all.


Since then I haven’t really attempted any other purchase as I didn’t have much money plus I didn’t have a credit card and you need a credit card to buy them on eBay as PayPal is the preferred and usually the only option for payment for most of these sellers. My bank doesn’t have a tie up with PayPal so the debit card was not an option but I applied for a credit card (finally) just so I could make purchases like these and for other reasons.


Credit card finally in hand my very first purchase was to go to eBay and look for the cheapest rates for Eaglemoss’s starships. The reason I liked the Eaglemoss ones were their designs are the closest to the real life models created for the Star Trek tv series & movies. So I found a seller in Hong Kong who had a few to sell and I selected the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the ship captained by Jean-Luc Picard and his fine crew of Riker, Data, Troi, Worf, LaForge & Dr. Crusher and seen in the 7 seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation and the movie Star Trek : Generations.


At the end of Generations, the ship was damaged beyond repair and hence a new ship was commissioned for Picard & crew. But this ship is no less iconic and probably only the original NCC-1701 Enterprise is more popular, beloved and recognized. This is just the first of my collection. More will come soon.

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