The Very First Day Of School

How many of you remember your first ever day of School? I seem to remember quite a lot about that day. I must have been age 5 when I first went to school. Until then I think I was sent to a playschool near my home in Kuwait. But at age 5, I was enrolled to Carmel School Kuwait – a school run by catholic nuns, mostly Indians, and the same school as where my elder sister went. Infact, joining my big sister and going with her was the big exciting factor for – yeah I was a kid and stupid, move past it!

So days before the opening of school, I got my school uniform and we went shopping for a school bag, water bottle, lunch box, pencil set and stuff. New shoes etc. The previous evening I wouldn’t calm down and I think my parents must have secretly fed me some drugs to make me finally go to sleep as I was so excited. The next day I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a bath and  had breakfast. I couldn’t wait to dress myself in my new uniform (light blue shirts and dark blue pants) and was admiring myself in the mirror. “Hot dog, don’t I look snazzy?” My sister led me to the pick up point just outside the building we lived in, and there were a few other kids from my building going to the same school but only I was going for the first time, and we waited for the school bus. Once it got there, I couldn’t even sit in my seat for more than 2 minutes at a time as I was super excited. And then we reached the school!!!

How cruel of my parents to send me to a bunch of strangers? A lot of grim nuns who didn’t look too friendly (not surprising) and a bunch of other women who tried smiling too much at us. In a class of 45 atleast 38 were crying – including me! I cried in the first period and the 2nd. The next while till lunch must have been more friendlier, and then lunch where my sister came to check up on me. More crying when more teachers came in and then it was time to go home. With a still sticky face I went to meet my sister who led me to the bus that goes to our route. I survived! I endured the horror and I was heading home. Home where mom was waiting with a cold glass of milk and a snack. Watching cartoons till dinner time and explaining all the details to my dad when he was home. And I must have noticed the wry smile that was passed between my parents – cause they knew what was going to happen next!

I woke up the next day and oh no – the horror has to start again! How cruel!

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