The Why Of It All

Why do you write? What keeps you motivated?

I dunno, I guess I’ve always wanted to keep a journal and maintain it for as long as I possibly could. I remember hoping when I was 14-15 that I would write poems or song lyrics and did some once in a while. At the age of 15 I kept a diary in which I would enter a few lines about the day and my thoughts about certain things on a daily basis and even back then I had a song for the day section at the end of each entry. I soon started writing about my feelings and opening up my heart about certain stuff that was going on in my life. When I went on a 3 day school trip to Kodaikannal, it was a way of recording the things that happened there on that fun trip. I stopped writing in my diary the next year – although I should have continued as so many things happened to me during the ages of 16-19.

During my 1 month rest post operation at the age of 21, being mostly restricted indoors and mostly staying in my room, I started writing a bit again but it didn’t last beyond those 30 days. Mostly I wrote in a book about the albums & songs I listened to each day (and I listened to a lot). I also managed to create a scrap book of the 1998 World Cup in France and wrote stuff about the matches that I would see. In 2002 I moved to Calicut and mostly to keep a record of things there, I started a blog after having started reading a few during the past few months. I created a blogger account and the blog is still there but I lost track of why I kept it once I moved back to Cochin and around 2004 it became a hockey & football oriented blog with the occasional blog post. Then in 2005 September I started a new one in blogger – also called Awake & Dreaming – and it became the kind of style that you see today. And in 2007 Jan 1st onwards – I started this blog you see here.

Why do I write? It’s mostly for myself and for the handful of regular readers – all 6 of you – who like what I write about and keep coming. It’s a place to vent my frustrations, air my views, share my thoughts, write reviews of movies, books & music and pen down eventful happenings. I love blogging and I love writing. I will always keep an online journal even if no one read it. And that’s the biggest reason you should write – for yourself first & foremost!

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