The World Cup Is Near

I’m excited about the upcoming football World Cup which is being hosted in an African country for the very first time. First of all, I refuse to call it soccer! People, it’s football and not soccer. American football is not even played with a ball…it looks like a big viagra pill in a different colour. Football is a game played with 22 people, 11 per team on the field, outta which one is a goalie and they kick a round ball. A ball. It’s round. Not the American football. Call that soccer if you want to. I refuse to call my favourite sport soccer. Football. Case finito!

Ok, so back to the World Cup. I’ve watched most of the games in every world cup from 1990 in Italy to the last one in Germany 4 years ago. Actually, I couldn’t watch that many games of the 2006 WC as work kept coming in the way as a hindrance. But my first real experience of the World Cup was the Mexico 1986 cup in which Deigo Marradona captured the hearts & admiration of  millions across the world (except for England ). This was such a colourful event which I as a 10 year old watched on tv back in Kuwait. Kuwaitis love football and being bo’rn there I imbibed the love of the people’s game and have followed this sport with similar passion. I remember the final when Argentina beat West Germany and how Maradona become a world icon. I got this book which was themed around the World Cup and you could get this stickers that featured the images of all the players from each country playing in Mexico. You had to complete the entire list  and send it in to the company that was behind this contest and they’d give you a prize if you had the whole lot.

This year I don”t think that I will be able to watch many games. The timing when the matches are being played will be mostly late night in India and I don’t want to stay watching the matches and then drag my sleepy ass to office the next day. During the 1998 World Cup (France) I was studying in NIIT – classes from 7 am till 12pm. The matches got over at 2am – I’d sleep for 3 hours, get up at 5 am and go to class at 7 am. I’d come back home for lunch and sleep till the late evening and get ready to watch the matches. That was fun, tiring but fun, at the age of  21-22. Not so much for a 33 year old! So it’s gonna be mostly online scores, watching highlights in the evening and maybe a few late night games on the weekend. If I am lucky.

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