The WWE’s Moving Tribute To SuperFan Connor

You usually hear a lot of negativity regarding the world of wrestling what with the drugs and early death. This is what the WWE did for a small boy battling cancer.

In 2012, then-7-year-old Connor Michalek made a YouTube video requesting to meet his favorite WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan. Michalek, who suffered from pediatric brain cancer, went backstage when Monday Night Raw came to Pittsburgh that December and made Bryan tap out. It wasn’t the last time Michalek would get to hang out with Bryan, though. The week before WrestleMania XXX this April, the WWE invited Connor to Monday Night Raw in Washington D.C. Before the show started, Connor got to walk down the ramp with Bryan as WWE superstars chanted his name. Inside the ring Connor hit Triple H with a punch and pinned him.

Connor made it to WrestleMania XXX and saw Bryan capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Just a few weeks later, he lost his battle with cancer. If you don’t have tears by the end of this video, I think you should check your pulse.

RIP Connor Michalek.

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