The Youngest Cousin

Do you get these moments when it hits you with the impact of a huge truck slamming right into you and you exclaim “man, time sure does fly” or “how fast has the time flown by?” I’ve had such a moment a couple of days back when I noticed that my baby cousin Roshni had posted in Facebook that she is joining an Engineering college in Chengannur for a Computer Science degree. She will turn 18 in a couple of months. That makes her 16 years younger than me.

I remember when we all went to the hospital in Chullikal (Cochin) where she was born back in 1992. I was 16 years old and she was the first new born baby I had ever held. I can remember the fear in my mind when her mother, my aunt, told me to take her 2 day old daughter in my arms. Never been so scared in my life! I used to factor in babies along with crocodiles, rodents, snakes and other such delightful creatures.

Right from her birth Roshni (she was named that in my honour, no matter how much people deny it ) had a kind of reign over the rest of her cousins, being the youngest. And she was always very smart, quick witter and a barrel of laughs to be with. She started talking very quickly (I’ve joked that she started talking the day she came home from the hospital) and she could recite poems & dialogues by heart by the time she was 3. She thought of things that most 3-5 year olds never thought and she would often stun you with her replies. She would laugh easily and she could crack you up in an instant.

Her stories are many and I bet embarrassing for any 17-18 year old. I can’t believe that she is almost 18 years old. Like all of her cousins, I’m proud of her and we all wish her the best as she leaves home and goes off to study. I’m sure that her house will seem very empty to her folks. All the best Roshni

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  1. There is nothing like realising a younger cousin or a niece or nephew is nearing aduthood to make you acknowlege how quickly time passes. Your cousin sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. I wish her all the best!

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