There’s Always More Room For Creativity

How do you express your creativity?

Well, one of the best ways I do that or anyone can do that is to blog. Maintaining a journal of any sort and writing about a lot of things is a great way to get out your creative side. At times I have used prompts to get some creative writing outta my brain – kinda like fictional stories confined within a single posts. And writing is a great way to get that brain cells working.

The other way is my labour of love, my channel on Youtube where I do reviews of movies & tv shows. I know, I know – I do not have subscribers. Infact I have a little less than 500. I don’t care, I want to stretch my limits of expressing myself through what the movies and tv series gives me. I want to get my points across about what I got from the movies that I love and the tv shows that I adore.

Having said that my greatest creativity remains in my brain – I have created this whole futuristic universe that you can read about in some of my blogs. I wish I could be more disciplined to write it down as clearly as I possibly could. But it is more fun to imagine that life and the sights & sounds you get to hear in it. I wish I could bring that life to reality for you and me.

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR JUNE from TheSitsGirls

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