Things That Creep Me Out

I watch horror movies. A bit more than the average guy and a lot less than the horror hound. I do not go out of my way to watch horror movies but I really look for the good stories and something different & special rather than watching any old shit. But compared to a lot of movie lovers I do love horror. Hence there isn’t much that creeps me out in terms of horror stuff. But I hate worms, snakes, spiders, huge insects and stuff like that. They just fucking gross me out. There are some people who like to dwell into that kind of stuff and I don’t. And when you make reality tv shows or movies with it – yuck!

Some horror movies have come up with grossing you out completely just for the sake of grossing you out and that has nothing to do with the plot of the movie. Eating dead stuff, even feces and flesh of humans, rotting carcasses and all that crap – there is a way to make zombie & vampire movies! You don’t need blasting human heads with bones, flesh & puss all flowing out every 5 minutes to tell a good horror story. Use it wisely.

Religion creeps me out. Bunch of scary rituals and poojas and priests and Islam and Judaism and Hinduism and Christianity and stuff. Not all of it ofcourse but religion does creep me out. It’s dangerous and should be bewared. Funny thing is Satan and devil worship doesn’t scare me. What people can do in the name of religion and/or Satan creeps me out. People are fucking crazy sometimes and they must be carefully dealt with. People with religion – totally another level of scariness!

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2 thoughts on “Things That Creep Me Out

  1. I love scary movies, the paranormal, the occult – all that stuff. I read about it and watch stuff about it all week long. I’m much more scared by humans than the supernatural world, especially the greedy, arrogant ones. Yikes!

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