Things To Donate?

Three things you’d donate to charity right now are:

At this very moment if someone approached me at the door and asked if I could donate anything that I didn’t need for the needy, other than food, I’d give:

  • Some old clothes. I’m terrible at throwing away old clothes. Some that haven’t fit me in ages and I’ve probably only worn a few times are still lying in a cupboard. I’d give those away thought they’d be dusty and will need a good wash.
  • An old pedestal fan. We don’t use it. It’s not big so it doesn’t take up much space but I haven’t used it in years. Someone could get some use from it.
  • Coffee/tea cups, plates. My mother is a hoarder of plates, utensils, cups and such. She never likes to get rid of the old ones, even if she has 3 to 4 newer sets lying untouched. Last year when she was away for a few days, my dad & I packed up the old plates & cups set (which were worn out) and threw them away and started using one of the newer sets that had been with us for a few years lying untouched. She didn’t say anything when she came back but what a relief it was for dad & me. I still could give a set or two away for people who need them but can’t afford a set at the moment.

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