Thinking Of Going The USB Way

I went into Reliance store on Marine drive last evening. Although I went there purely on the spur of the moment (I just happened to go there for something else) I most probably might end up being a customer of theirs. I have a broadband cable connection from Tata Indicom but….well my frequent readers would know of my issues with them in the past. Especially memorable was that nearly week long outage that I suffered due to a cable cut near here, the false promises & the bad customer service inclusive of closing my complaints without resolving and pretending that they had spoken to me first and resolved it! Yeah, even though it has been pretty smooth since then, I am planning a backup option for my internet needs.

Let me re-iterate; I’m not changing ISPs. I’m taking a second connection just as a backup. If I want to use my laptop while on the move, currently I have no option. I want to enjoy some coffee in a cafe and also surf the web on my notebook – no cafes currently offering wifi options. Or if I need to travel for work I have to depend on internet cafes or the office connectivity. So why not opt for a USB stick connectivity? I’ve heard only good things from the people I know who use Reliance’s Netconnect USB option. No complaints. So I might take a look see for myself.

I’ll have to shell out R. 2299 for the USB stick and connectivity and the 3.1 Mbps (their only speed) and then the rest depends on my usage & plan. I’m going to try out their Prepaid options first and then see if I am totally satisfied I might opt for their Postpaid plans. They are much more expensive but then, that’s what you will have to pay for easy portability.

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