I just finished reading Stephen King’s novel Thinner, written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie based on this work, I suggest you go read it. The book is written in a compelling page turner of a style that even people, who don’t like King’s books or horror in general, will not be able to put the book down.

the scalphunters online The book is about an obese lawyer who accidently kills an old gypsy woman when he is distracted by his wife. The lawyer is acquitted but the gypsy’s old father puts a curse on the lawyer by saying the word ‘thinner’. The lawyer starts losing weight day by day, despite eating even more, until it finally seems like he is going to waste away. The worried and rapidly thinning lawyer must now go on the trail of the gypsies to get the old man to reverse the spell and he is willing to beg & plead for it to be reversed. But at what cost?

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Compelling, riveting, scary and a must read!

4 thoughts on “Thinner

  1. Dude,great book I read this while i was at school,I used to have daydreams about losing weight and losing the curse by feeding the cake to the headmaster of my school who was a downright prick(Pardon my French if you are a religious fella!!!).

    You should read the “Dark Tower” books by Stephen King.That is the best he has written.It is seven volumes long and was written in the span of 35 years.I saved my lunch money for one month to buy book 5 while i was 15.In standalone novels the best is IT,which i know you already read ,read “The Stand”also.I even have the full award winning miniseries of stand.

    Keep reading!!!!!

    Live long and prosper!

  2. Manaf – I have read ‘the Stand’ long ago but I just can’t seem to remember it. King is my fav novelist of all time and ‘It’ is my fav novel of all time. I have a well worn out (torn front page, back page) copy of it.

    And I’m not a religious fella, so fire away with ur French! ;)

    Jim, he’s dead! No, just kidding (all McCoy like) but u gotta get a new blog back on dude. I miss ur writing. And read ‘It’ if u can.

  3. ooh i read that book when it first came out, it’s one of my favorites by Mister King… cuz he actually used to write his own books back then! *shakes fist at badass author*

    that, and The Shining (both book and movie). And Misery. Oh OK I admit… I have his whole damn collection, LOL!

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