This Fragile Existence

The fragile thing we call life. One never knows for sure when one’s time is up. You can take precautions and do everything right and be careful but you could leave this earth all of a sudden. Or you be careless and do all sorts of harm to yourself and yet live to be an old man/woman. That is irony in nature.

I say this because of two incidents that happened on Friday. One my cousin who is 41 years old and quite active (but smokes a lot and drinks well, I dunno how often or how much) was admitted to the hospital after he had sharp pains on his arm. Turns out he had 5 blocks in his heart and underwent angioplasty to clear them. I was able to see him yesterday afternoon after he was brought to a room. He was lucky but will need some rest to recover.

The other is that on Friday the father of a friend of mine passed away. He had known it was coming 6 months ago, as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver. He was kinda prepared for the end, didn’t tell anyone other than close family and friends. I got to know about it after the funeral which was on Saturday. I have to speak to my friend once he has some time post all visiting family has gone back home.

This stuff makes you think and wonder when the end could be for you and your loved ones. You can be as careful as you can but things never turn out the way you think they will.

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