This Guy Needs More Sleep

Sleep, that oh so wonderful yet fickle-minded tease. I wonder how many hours of sleep is needed for the average guy my age? 6 hours? 7 or 8? No sure but I don’t get that much in a normal work day. I usually get a little less than 6 hours, 5.5 or so on average. That is because I usually start watching episodes of tv series or movies that I downloaded off the net at around 11 pm and usually fall asleep a little after 1:15-1:30 am. I keep my alarm for 7 am.

Most Saturdays are different – I get in atleast 8 hours sleep before I wake up on Sunday and on two Fridays of the month as well (cause I get two Saturdays off in a month). Sometimes I even get 10 hours, which is a luxury! Yesterday being Good Friday (or the day before the day before Jesus became a zombie), I was off from work and didn’t go out. However, a bad sleep the previous night with all the lights on in my room made me wake up at 6 am and 4.5 hours of sleep is not enough for me.

So throughout the morning I was feeling very tired and sleepy and even two cup of strong black coffee did nothing to keep me alert. By 1:15 pm I had lunch and then curled up in bed to watch a movie. By 2 pm my eyes gave up and my brain shut down and I had just enough time to remove my glasses before I slept. 4 hours! 4 awesome hours on a Friday afternoon. Nice big nap refreshed me quite a bit. I woke up feeling like a million dollars!

2 thoughts on “This Guy Needs More Sleep

  1. You’re right. I wish I could decide how many hours of sleep I need and work it out that way.

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