This Is A Good Time To Blog

Do you have a job, full time or otherwise and blog? How do you manage your time to allow you to blog? I’m sure others would appreciate a post full of pointers and tips.

Yes ofcourse. I do not have the luxury of making a proper living off the earnings that I make on this blog. In fact that has almost dried up to just a trickle. Back in late November of 2018 I started getting a lot of requests for sponsored posts. I started making a bunch of money off the posts that I was getting sent or, in some other cases, getting asked to write on a subject and insert said company/businesses links in the post. Either way is fine with me as long as they pay me.

So, I was able to spend money on a bunch of stuff but since mid 2021 it has all but dried up. I get some from one agency every month and my usual ones, who used to send me a lot of stuff in 2019 all the way up to end of 2020, now sends me stuff once in a while. That is never enough to sustain any kind of lifestyle. It currently just lets me spend some money on a few things, not too expensive, that I might need on a monthly basis. Like maybe a shirt or some beer or an import dvd set or two some novels. Or maybe a few beers. That’s about it.

So my full time job is what I use to feed my family (dad & mom) & pay the bills and have some left over for some fun. When I am not working I tend to spend a lot of time online. I make sure that I have enough time to create 1-3 posts, which includes sponsored ones as well as whatever I want to share. Sometimes even images and videos. I just do. Since I do not have a social life anymore. LOL!


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