This Is What Scary Is To Me

This swine influenza disease has a lot of people worried. I know it’s been restricted to parts of Mexico but the numbers dying in that country & spread of it is a scary thought. In Mexico, in some cases it causes severe influenza-like illness, followed by pneumonia, which has in some cases resulted in death. Around 81 people are supposed to have died from the disease in the nation and around 1000 infected with the virus.

That’s 1000 cases & 81 deaths in March & April! Reports say that 2008-09 has been a mild year for flu infections compared to the average of 36000 death cases that is seen every year. Most of the deaths have occured in Mexico city while the infected are spread throughout the country. In the South-Westerm United States around 10 cases have been confirmed but no deaths as of yet.

It’s that image that bothers me. The image that I have linked here from Wikipedia. The image of passengers in a commuter train wearing masks. It seems that all around Mexico, army & police are handing out surgical masks to the general public as a safety precaution measure. That’s a scary image.

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3 thoughts on “This Is What Scary Is To Me

  1. It’s scary, Roshan. When I hear stories like this I always fear it is going to wipe out millions of people. I hope the authorities manage to contain it. Try not to worry.

  2. An epidemic or pandemic is always the scariest as you cannot predict if you or your loved ones are going to get it next. It’s scary to me.

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