This Is What’s On My Desk Right Now

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I could share a picture but since it is a mess I will just post as to what is on my desk. Ok so the major part of my small desk is taken up with the CPU & 21 inch monitor (Lenovo) of my work desktop. Unfortunately due to the client’s specification it has to be this all in one pc/monitor. The CPU is for the Windows OS and storing files. Keyboard and mouse as well. Yes I wish they could make things work with a laptop (give me a 16 in or even a 17 in laptop, it works) but there is nothing we can do about it.

Now for what else takes up the little space that is left over on the desk – I usually have a tumbler, 1 glass for water and a bottle of water on the table. Next to the tumbler I have my Amazon Echo and near it I usually have two of my USB thumb drives – 1 is usually plugged in to my smart tv.  And then on the left side (my left) I have a small pack of AAA batteries (for my tv’s remote) and AA batteries and a mosquito repellent device (which I only plug in when the mosquitoes are really biting).

And if you want to include the lower section (which was initially meant to house the keyboard) I have 4 external hard drives kept on there so I can pick them and access them whenever I want to. From time to time I also keep my tripod on the desk as well (squeezing in whatever space is left) for shooting some videos that I do for my movie & tv show reviews. And that’s about it!

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