This Ole House Of Ours

I miss the house that I lived in from April 1987 till Sept, 2006. 19 years in that house. Well actually my family & I did spend a couple of summers in the same house during 85-86. The house was built in 1984 and it was completed in early 85 while we were still in Kuwait. We moved in completely after we left Kuwait for good and took all of our stuff – more than we should have shipped over from Kuwait actually – and spent April, May of 1987 settling in the big house. Coming from our small 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom apartment, where my sister I shared one bedroom – a bunk bed where we slept in and the dining table took up most of the space in that room – it was a big change moving into a huge house.

We had some land in front, the back and the left of the house where we planted coconut, plantain, jackfruit, mango & gooseberry trees. We also had a well. The house was built on a slight slope and we had 10 steps from the concrete ground to the veranda/front porch. We had two doors, one leading to the big living room/dining room combo, then a pantry, kitchen, store room, a second store room, separate washing room/dish washing area that leads out to the back yard area. We also had a bedroom and bathroom in the ground floor level. Upstairs we had a common open area, 3 bedrooms and a den/library that from 1997 onwards would serve as my computer room as well. Lots of space. I would spend a lot of time in my room, losing myself in my books and my music and creating my own universe.

When we had to sell the house I was initially happy to be moving to the city but eventually sadness took over. I miss the old house. It was an escape and it was beautiful. Now someone else owns the house and another family lives in it and they have made a lot of changes to the house.

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