Thoughts On Funeral Rituals

I attended the funeral of my sister’s father-in-law this morning. Being from a Hindu family they ofcourse observed Hindu rituals, with slight differences than what people in my region observe. It’s been a while since I attended a funeral (for which I consider myself to be lucky); the last being in 2008 for my maternal grandma.

Once again I observed the almost disconnected rituals with seemingly no pause about the individual. These rituals always seem to be … followed just because of tradition and no concern over what the person was like. I’m sure its not this way to the believers but to me its a cold way to do a funeral. Rituals handed down from generation to generation and not once thought as to is it what is to be done or not. The only changes they make is they add gas to the fire so the body and funeral pyre wood burns quicker.

I do like the funerals where people speak about the individual who just passed away, share stories and incidents, and fondly remember them before the end of the ceremony. It seems to be the better way to remember the person and say a fond farewell.

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