Three Beliefs I hold Near & Dear To Me

Choose three of your beliefs and why they matter to you.

There is alien life out there and even intelligent alien life, some who are somewhat similar to us. There are some earth like planets and I suppose that there will be humanoid lifeforms. Out of those humanoid lifeforms some will be similar to us and I hope we get to meet them. As for non-humanoid forms as well, I do hope we get to meet them and hope these aliens are more friendly than some seen in scifi. Now I do not know this for sure but I am not arrogant enough to believe that in

Mankind will eventually evolve enough intelligently to get rid of borders and made up religions & gods. They will confine such superstitious nonsense to the archives of history and title them as “Do not bother with such rubbish”. It will take ages to get this done as there are a lot of religious fervour in the world and religion has a lot of money and power. But someday, somehow – it will take a few centuries perhaps – we will kill off all your gods and religions.

Humans will travel & explore the various planets and the galaxy. This is something that I wish we could do now. Travel the stars and the planets and explore the nearby solar systems. Go and see those alien worlds and see how the land looks like on then, the plant and animal life. Visit the aliens and see if they are friendly and create friendships with them. Chase a comet or asteroid as the they head out into deep space. “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”

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