Three Doors

In a nightmare, you’ve encountered three doors. Choose one, and let us know what you find on the other side.

The three doors that face me are equally daunting looking. Broken at places and with the paint chipped in a lot of places yet they each looked unique due to the colours. One red, one green and one blue. I had no idea which one to choose as each could be filled with dangers untold and that could prove fatal for me. Yet I knew I had to get out of this damn corridor and find a way back to my home. I needed to choose one quickly. But which one?

How much time did I have? I don’t know the answer to that one but it is imperative that I make the right choice. My life may well depend upon it. I hesitate, look to all 3 and then rule out the red door. Why? Because the colour itself signals “stop, do not proceed” and “danger”. So now it was down to two – the green or the blue. Green meant good things and to proceed so should I take that one? I reach for the door knob and almost open it but then – wait, blue is so much better. Blue is peaceful and calm. I should pick blue. I take my hand back and move towards the blue door. Yes, just looking at the door has a calming affect on me. The faded blue colour reminded me of a comfortable, old pair of jeans, the blue sky and the ocean water. I must pick blue. And so I did; stepped up and opened the door knob and fully opened the door.

Only to find a big ugly blue monster waiting for me! And it was hungry.

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