Three Important Years

Think of three important years in your life — not including the year you were born. Why are these 3 separate years so important? What happened, and where were you?

So if not the year of my birth I’m going to go with :

1987 : The year I turned 11. My family left Kuwait for good and we moved back to India – well moved to India for me since I was born and raised in Kuwait till that year. My sister had already moved back to India as she had finished her 10th grade and Kuwait didn’t have good school or college programs for 11th & above. So she was in a hostel in Cochin, India by 1986 and studying in a pre-degree program in a college. My dad decided to resign from his bank job in Kuwait City after being with them for 29 years. He, my mom & I would join my sister back in Cochin and settle down in our newly completed house in the suburb of Thrikkaraka. Life was much simpler during my childhood in Kuwait but ofcourse as a kid I didn’t have much to worry about.

2002 : I moved to Calicut for a little over 8 months or so while just as turned 26. It was the first time that I had stayed away from home and not living in a hostel (which I did for a year while studying in Bangalore at age 19). It was a struggle but I totally enjoyed being on my own. Home for those months was a small 1 room in a lodge called Bava Cottage with an attached bathroom. I ate frugally and I lived a bachelor’s life. Every Thursday evening some of my colleagues and I would get together and out Rs.50 each and with that money we would buy a couple of bottles of rum and some snacks and have a jolly ole time. I enjoyed my life in Calicut even if I was on the tightest budget that I have ever been on. It was fun.

2011 : The year I turned 35. The worst year of my life so far. 2010 ended, in fact on the 31st ended with me getting into a fight with the DGM asshole at my then job for him trying to put the blame for a decision he made on realizing that he had made a huge error and I refused to do so. Since he wasn’t a decent person and offered no support why should I? So 5 days into 2011 after a discussion with my immediate supervisor, a senior manager in another state, I agreed to serve a long notice period and resign. I took a job that I shouldn’t have and suffered later. The new job saw me lose time, money and my sanity. I traveled a lot for the job and I got nothing in return. I still have to get some payment from them but they have closed down. I spent some time without working while still being in their employment and not getting payed. As 2012 started I managed to get some freelance work while still looking for a new job. I finally landed one at the end of June while continuing to do freelance work and then officially resigned from that shitty situation. My hair had started to grey at the sideburns due to the tension & stress.

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