Three Snacks At The Movies

What three snacks do you always get at the movie theater?

Since I started going to movie again (after a gap of 11 years) in February of 2016 I usually only get two things. A soft drink and popcorn. I am struggling to think as to what third item I could possibly get so let’s just go with this.

I love popcorn at the movies. Flavoured popcorn and my choices are usually cheese or caramel flavoured. I love both equally well. For a drink it’s usually Coke or Pepsi but at times I also get 7up but not if it is caramel popcorn that I am eating. 7up or Sprite is way better than cola.

So for the third item, I’d have to say an item that I haven’t had in a theatre since 2005 and that’s candy. Chocolate bars to be precise. It’s great as long as it’s not melted.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR MARCH at The SitsGirls

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