Three Things I Would Toss Out

Other than old books, magazines, tapes & old clothes, here are a few things that are just collection dust.

Steel cupboard in my bedroom
It’s huge and bulky and in the way. My mom pushed it onto me as there was less space in my parents room. I use the bottom two shelves for storing old tapes and my cd collection and some books that I never read and may never read again. I usually keep it locked up as I rip all my cds and store them as m3s on my laptop and on a separate external hard disk. The top most and biggest shelf in the cupboard is filled with sheets & shawls & cloth material that was bought a long time back and will probably never be used at all. Not in my lifetime anyway. It’s an absolute waste of space as I also have a built in wall closet that I can store my books and cds in.

Old coffee table
My dad broke the glass table top while carelessly trying to move it. Now the coffee table is placed under our dining table so as to not attract undue attention & embarrassment. So we bang our knees against it while we eat dinner. My dad breaks things.

Old tvs
The two old tvs will probably be tossed out soon when I buy a new tv set. The decade old BPL tv is broken and can’t be fixed and the older than old Sony is an embarrassment of biblical proportions. Come to think of it this old tv was probably manufactured around the same time as the bible was first written.

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