Three Things Lover

Three things you want in a relationship.

  • Love – ofcourse, what’s a relationship without love. It’s all about love and companionship and the need to be together and grow old together. Do things together, even the simple things like shopping, picking out clothes, things for the home, dinners, grocery shopping, driving to and from places, reading together, watching movies and going to bed.
  • Loyalty – loyalty and faithfulness is essential in any relationship. Fidelity to the one that you love is a mandate and I think that is the trust that your relationship is based on. If you have chosen someone to be your spouse and your partner then you owe it to yourself and to them to be faithful and loyal.
  • Humour – there is no point in being too serious as no matter how serious you take life, you will never get outta of it alive! I want humour in my life everyday and I refuse to be too serious that I can’t laugh. I want to crack jokes and make you laugh and I like silly, dirty jokes a lot! And in my relationship it’s not necessary that the woman is very funny as long as she loves to laugh and can laugh at my jokes and tolerates my groan inducing puns as well as looks forward to me making her laugh. That is important as well.

Prompt from 119 Journal Prompts for Your Journal Jar

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