Three Things That I Feel Can Contribute To World Peace & Harmony

Think about world peace and harmony. Write down at least 3 ideas that can bring peace to the world.

1. An end to religious institutions. While I don’t want to force people to stop worshiping these so called gods, I honestly believe that humans will be better off when we leave these ridiculous beliefs behind us. It has to be a gradual progress and I know that this will not happen in my lifetime. However I wish I could see this come to pass. People not worrying about religious differences, not forcing anyone to follow their beliefs and treating everyone with equal respect and love.

2. Money is a challenge. There are billionaires and do we really need that many of them? I think with everything that we have, the resources and the skills and the technology, we can find a way that no human needs to beg or struggle to earn money for food and medicine. Spread that wealth and resources around. If everyone could afford the food, drinks and medicine that they needed, it would be a safer & better world. Not to mention happier. Imagine you could now afford to have a proper home and not worry about getting evicted. Make it safe for everyone, the homeless and the poor should not be out on the streets.

3. Investing in technology for making life easier for us. Automating things at the home like cleaning, cooking, outdoor maintenance. It should be easy for anyone to get what they need and want at the touch of a button or a few touches of a button. The streets and common places too should be advanced and safe. Make the streets safer for everyone – walking the streets at 2 am with your dogs and kids should become common. Car & other vehicle accidents should be a thing of the past. Travel should be made easier. These things will make people more satisfied and content and happy.

Prompt from 30 September Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable at Imagine Forest

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