Time To Recharge The Batteries

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I can’t wait for log out time and then to come home and crawl into my bed. I could use a little extra sleep. With us working two Saturdays in a month – for no reason other than our employers can’t plan things properly – I get only 2 full weekends to relax in a month. When it is just 1 day in a week, you tend to try to balance your me time, watching a movie or so, paying the bills and other household duties and the stuff and then you go to bed and catch up on some sleep and boom – it’s Monday.

Not so when you have the full 2 days you get to balance things. What I plan to do is catch up on my sleep tomorrow and watch a movie, do a few errands for the family but stay in for the most part. Go to bed early if possible as that rest is really needed. Have a meal with the family! Then on Sunday I am planning to go out, if possible and if I have time go get a haircut and then have a couple of beers and lunch with either a couple of my friends or my cousins. I need this.

As a matter of fact since I only drink and go out once a month, I really do need this. It is part of my relaxation and my recharging of the batteries that is much needed. So I hope everything does according to plan.

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