Time To Switch Brands?

I am still paying of the EMI on my laptop and it’s going ok (it’s a 6 month EMI) but I can’t wait for it to be done as I want to take another EMI on my credit card. I want to upgrade and get a new smartphone. And for the first time since the last three it most probably will not be a BlackBerry.

That is stunning – as stunning a declaration as you can get to hear from me when it comes to brands. I have been a staunch loyal supporter of BlackBerry but lately they have made it difficult for me to remain so. Forget the apps that I am missing out on (although the Uber one really stings) but I can’t afford to buy the latest 2 phones from BlackBerry because of the ridiculous price tags that they place in India. India has a large BlackBerry following but even we are finding it difficult to stay loyal.

The Passport and the Priv are priced way to expensively for my taste. Rs. 62k for a smartphone? What the fuck! I can’t believe it. This from a company that needs to move sales. I can buy 3 laptops for the price of a Priv. 2 for a Passport. But BlackBerry India does not care. They have decided that they only want the rich Indians to buy their latest phones. But I can’t complain. It’s their product and they have the right to choose their prices. I could try and get one from the US or Canada via eBay but…….

So in a couple of months I will be looking for prices online and if I do not get a good option I will be getting an Android phone. Let’s see how it goes.

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