Time To Watch

I was a watch wearer from very young till the age of 29. I remember wearing a lot of watches during my youth (even an infamous Michael Jackson electronic watch which has ‘Beat It’ as an alarm at the age of 9). As I turned 12 I wanted more normal style, grown up men’s watches an usually either my dad or mom would pick up one for me. I remember getting a really good one for my 15th birthday and years later at the age of 23 another one. Watches are usually a good birthday present.

In 2005 I started developing a bad rash on my left wrist that itched like crazy. I was allergic to the strap material of my watch. I went to a shop on Marine Drive and changed the strap twice – both times the rash still persisted. I remember I would wear my watch to work and then remove it as soon as I reached my work station, where it would remain on my desk until quitting time. My super boss, a DGM, asked me what happened and I showed him the rash. He recommended a good ointment and told me to consult a renowned skin specialist who was a friend of his and told me not to wear a watch for a month or two.

The ointment worked well but I just stopped wearing a watch and till date have not worn one yet. I just got used to not wearing one as the months passed by and it was easy enough to check the time on my mobile phone which I carry with me anywhere I went. During the last year or so I’ve thought that maybe it was time to start getting a watch again but I haven’t bought one yet. I love Mark Ecko watches, like the one pictured here, and would love to own one soon. There are a few designs that I like a lot.

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