Tired And Drained Of All Energy

On the road to recovery, I’m still tired and drained of all energy. The cold, adding a cough along the way, blew into a fever and joined up with a sinus & chest infection just for fun. This lead to the wounded soldier you would have seen if you had come my way yesterday evening and for most of today.

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It took lots of inhalation (with this powerful little electrical equipment that my dad bought a few weeks ago) that burned my eyes and face with it’s steam, a bottle of Piriton cough syrup, Strepsils for my throat, hot water, resum with garlic & pepper and hours upon hours of sleeping on my bed to get me to the stage that I am right now; able to sit up and come to the computer.

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I tried watching movies to while away the time – Star Trek V last evening, Lost In Space this afternoon and probably Apocalypto tonite. I need a day or 2 more of rest before I can get back to work. What’s been happening in your world, dear reader?

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