‘Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost

Ever had your heart broken? Ever felt like it was not only, broken but it had been shot, sliced & ripped apart from your chest? Yeah you have? Well join the fucking club!

I’ve been heart broken a few times, had a long term relationship slowly deteriorate and die about as painfully as possible. I still have the scars and bruises (metaphorically speaking). I have had a situation where someone liked me and I liked her back but because of multiple issues we both left it unspoken and I kinda found out about her side a month after she left the country. Good call.

I’ve also recently harboured strong feelings for a colleague for over a year and kept it well hidden (or so I thought) only for her to call my bluff two nights before she was to leave the company and head back to her family. The morning she was leaving, she called me from the airport she cried and actually said that she shared the same feelings but then she went cold once she reached back home and we fought and haven’t spoken since. I was devastated for a while and couldn’t think of anything else for months.

I also fear that I will end up alone and not know the comfort of a loving relationship with a woman and will likely never get married or have a partner.

Inspite of this I still think that it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It makes you stronger, it’s part of what being a human is and what life is about and even though it hurts, I guess if I do finally get married it will make me be that much more sincere & genuine with my woman and never ever think of taking her for granted.

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