To Beard Or Not To Beard

That was the question faced by me this morning. I had last shaved on Friday, 7th November and didn’t shave on Saturday before going to work. Then I fell sick and I didn’t shave at all. So when I went back to the office on Saturday, 15th Nov, I had a good growth on my face that people at work had never seen. My beard grows fairly swiftly, considering the fact that I have been shaving since the ripe young age of (wait for it) 15 and I’m 32 now!

Usually, twice a year I let my beard grow out for about a month before I take a visit to the barber and have a shave along with a haircut. I feel liberating at that point and I always look 5 years younger once I have that shave. When I was 21, I had stopped shaving for 30 days and then I had to have an operation, so I didn’t shave for another month while I recovered. When I finally had it shaved at the barber’s, I came out a new man or rather a young boy. I have also grown a goatee or French beard twice in my life – once when I was 19 almost 20 for about 2 months and then when I was 26 and living in Calicut for another 2 months. I love growing a goatee and people normally say that I look dashing with it.

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So today I stood there under the shower and wondered what to do. Ultimately I decided that I don’t feel so good growing a beard while dressed in office formals, so I took my single blade razor (kept for days like these) and put it to good use. Felt like a million dollars as I splashed a generous dose of Old Spice on my face afterwards.

So ladies who read my blog; what do you like in a man? Use this for a comparison chart!

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2 thoughts on “To Beard Or Not To Beard”

  1. I really think it has to do with the guy. I was never much of a fan of facial hair until meeting my fiancé. He can pretty much do anything with his, and he still looks utterly handsome.

    ~ Kristi

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