To Read Or Not To Read In The Loo

Are you a toilet reader? As in do you read books, newspapers or magazines while you are sitting on your throne and doing the business? Or perhaps you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet and browse the internet or watch reels or videos while taking a dump.

I used to read a lot while in the toilet, like a few millions others, and you (dear reader)! I used to take a novel or a magazine with me and quite enjoy the time I spent in the loo taking a shit and being lost in reading. I used to get scolded by my mom especially since I sometimes spent 30 minutes to an hour in there as I lost track of time and just read on and on. I remember being told that it was not a good habit to have and that you shouldn’t spend that much time in the toilet.

I have since corrected that but it has been a struggle. I continued to read books in the novel until my late 30s and it took me all that time to get out of this habit. So for the past 8 years or so I do not take books or magazines with me and no not even a newspaper since I long stopped reading newspapers over 10 years ago. Though I am tempted to take my phone with me, I do not take it in at home but I do so at the office.

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