Toasty Goodness & Coffee

Bread – Wheat or otherwise is the best thing to have for breakfast according to me. I just love lazy, cold mornings like today for example. And I love to spend my morning with a giant cup or cups of coffee and toasted bread for breakfast. I laze around with it, listening to music (the Blues for this morning).

Last night on my way from the bar I stopped at a Varkey’s supermarket to buy some Nescafe coffee. I spotted this big loaf of what was supposed to be garlic bread with a brand name I had never seen before – Iris. So I bought a loaf of that. This morning I toasted 4 slices of the bread and chopped up some cuccumber to go along with it. Coffee & toasted bread!

The bread didn’t taste garlicky, just a hint of it, more like… like an aftertaste. But it was soft, fresh and tasty. A light but satisfactory breakfast.

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